Who am I?

Computer Scientist, Researcher, Amateur Photographer, U Rochester Alum, BRAC U Alum, Ex-Cadet (Ex-Faujian),
and also a food lover, Bangladesh Cricket fan, an Apple user (since 2004), a son/brother (since 1983) and a husband (since 2012).


Interest and Expertise

Research: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analysis, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing / Understanding, Social Media Text Analysis, Information Extraction, Temporal Information Processing, Dialog Assistant, and Medical NLP.
Other: Technology, Photography, Traveling.


Selected Activities

CTO/Co-Founder of SocialTrendly LinkedIn Research Profile at URCS Google Scholar DecipherData - making sense of data Twitter Flickr Photo Blog

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CTO/Co-Founder of SocialTrendly PhD Research Work at URCS (2007-2012) Siri-like Dialog Systems, Dragon Go!, at Nuance (2012-Present)


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